Compatible with Astro Blazer S10/jimmy S15 Bravada Express 1500 Van Express 2500 Van Express 3500 Van S10/s15/sonoma Safari (gmc) Savana 1500 Van Savana 2500 Van Savana 3500 Van Sierra 1500 Pickup Silverado 1500 Pickup



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ASTRO 01-02 (4.3L)
ASTRO 03 (4.3L), ID 12572716
BLAZER S10/JIMMY S15 01-02
BLAZER S10/JIMMY S15 03 (4.3L), ID 12572716
EXPRESS 1500 VAN 01-02 4.3L
EXPRESS 1500 VAN 03 4.3L, ID 12572716
EXPRESS 2500 VAN 01-02 4.3L
EXPRESS 2500 VAN 03 4.3L, ID 12572716
EXPRESS 3500 VAN 01-02 4.3L
S10/S15/SONOMA 01-02 6-262 (4.3L)
S10/S15/SONOMA 03 6-262 (4.3L), ID 12572716
SAFARI (GMC) 01-02 (4.3L)
SAFARI (GMC) 03 (4.3L), ID 12572716
SAVANA 1500 VAN 01-02 4.3L
SAVANA 1500 VAN 03 4.3L, ID 12572716
SAVANA 2500 VAN 01-02 4.3L
SAVANA 2500 VAN 03 4.3L, ID 12572716
SAVANA 3500 VAN 01-02 4.3L
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 01-02 4.3L
SIERRA 1500 PICKUP 03 4.3L, ID 12572716
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 01-02 4.3L
SILVERADO 1500 PICKUP 03 4.3L, ID 12572716


Standard 6-month Warranty

This is the standard warranty included in all purchased parts unless otherwise stated prior to the sale. This covers the replacement of faulty parts and is non-transferable. This does not cover any cost of labor.

One Year Extended Warranty

This warranty is not available on all part types but will be offered when available. This warranty will cover the replacement of faulty parts and is non-transferable. This does not cover any cost of labor.

Labor Warranty

This warranty is not available on all part types but will be offered when available in addition to the purchase of an extended warranty. This warranty will cover labor costs in the repair or replacement of the faulty part while the extended warranty purchased is still in act at a rate of $45/hour according to the Mitchell flat rate.

Terms and Conditions of all Warranties

This warranty applies only to the original purchaser of the part while it is installed on the vehicle that it was originally purchased for. In the event of a part failure, Brown’s Auto Salvage must be notified immediately. To process a claim, the purchaser must have the original sales receipt and any other reasonable documentation requested by Brown’s Auto Salvage. All defects and repairs must be reviewed and authorized by Brown’s Auto Salvage. Transportation fees will not be covered. Brown’s Auto Salvage reserves the right to repair, replace, or refund the purchase price of faulty parts, thus fulfilling all obligations of Brown’s Auto Salvage under this warranty. Any part that has undergone misuse, neglect, or careless or improper handling, installation or removal will not be covered. Melting of heat tabs installed by Brown’s Auto Salvage will be taken as evidence of abuse and the part will not be covered. The liability of Brown’s Auto Salvage in any claim will not exceed the purchase price of the part and will not include any inconvenience, downtime, transportation, towing, loss of vehicle or any direct or indirect consequential damage. Labor costs will only be covered for individuals that have purchased a labor cost warranty along with their extended warranty while the extended warranty still stands in act. No action by Brown’s Auto Salvage shall extend the coverage of the warranty beyond the original period or alter its obligations. Any cause of action resulting from this warranty must be commenced in a court of competent jurisdiction in Rutland, Vermont.

Transmission Warranty

Improper detent adjustment, low fluid level, not using proper fluid, not replacing new filter of broken front pump and improper installation voids all warranties.

All Conditions under terms of sale apply. Brown’s recommends the buyer replace the front seal, rear seal, pan gasket, filters, and axle shaft seals when applicable prior to installation, as these are not covered by warranty.

Engine Warranty

Brown’s Auto Salvage warrants to the original purchaser the internal parts of its engines to be free of defects for the period allotted in the warranty. The parts covered by the warranty are the engine blocks, cylinder head and valves, cam shaft, connecting rods and bearings, pistons, rings, oil pump, crank shaft and bearings, rocker arms, lifters and other internal parts. Excluded from this warranty are all fuel injection parts, water pump, all electrical parts, hoses, lines, intake and exhaust manifolds and gaskets. Brown’s strongly recommends the purchaser replace the timing belt and rear main sear prior to installation, as these are not covered by warranty.

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